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Patients & Visitors


This section of our website provides information for patients and visitors alike to make your stay, or visit, to Gordon Private Hospital as smooth and trouble-free as possible. It details all phases of your visit – from preparation for admission to discharge, and information on payment, giving feedback and visiting.

Who do we treat

Gordon Private Hospital admits patients over 16 years of age. We may request you to have a review with our psychiatrist prior to admission to ensure that we can accommodate your needs.

How to get a referral

A referral can be obtained from your general practitioner, treating psychiatrist or other specialist.


Gordon Private Hospital accepts patients with membership to most private health insurance funds, Department of Veterans' Affairs, Australian Defence Force and those who are self-funded. Please call our admissions team who will assist with any queries relating to your admission, the level of cover provided by your health insurance policy or any out of pocket expenses you may incur as result of your stay with us.

Patients with limited mental health cover may be able to upgrade their cover to access in-hospital mental health services without serving a waiting period.

What to bring on the day

Identification: Drivers licence or accepted identification, your letter of referral if not already sent, Medicare Card, private health insurance membership card, any government benefit/concession cards, Safety Net or pharmacy entitlement card.

Technology: Mobile phone, laptop, iPod, earbuds, etc.

Clothing / linen: Comfortable day clothing for the season, sleepwear, dressing gown and slippers.

Money: A small amount of cash and credit cards.

Toiletries: Personal toiletries (e.g. soap, toothbrush, toothpaste).

Medications: Current medications (in original packaging) and any repeat scripts and prescriptions.

What not to bring

Large sums of money.

Jewellery and other valuables.

Dangerous items. If unsure please speak with your admitting nurse.


Discharge planning is an important part of the hospital admission. Once you leave hospital, it is important that you continue to get the right healthcare from the right people. Discharge planning aims to make sure this happens and enables a smooth transition from hospital to home. Following discharge, Gordon Private Hospital provides a suite of day programs to facilitate this transition further.


It is a condition that patients do not operate any motorised vehicle during their admission as medications and mood state may adversely affect your ability at this time. Onsite parking is not available for inpatients. Please arrange for a family member, friend or taxi to drop you off on admission to hospital.

Your Rights

For the safety and security of its patients, Gordon Private Hospital abides by a Patient Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. This has been put in place for your peace of mind and also to assist the medical staff and other patients in the hospital. It is important that you familiarise yourself with these prior to admission.

As a patient of Gordon Private Hospital you have the right to:

Be treated with respect, professional competence, consideration and dignity

Participate in decisions that affect your care

Have your beliefs, ethnic, cultural and religious practices respected

Be told the names and roles of the caregivers involved in caring directly for you

Have your personal and medical details kept with full confidentiality

Voice a concern if you are not satisfied with any aspect of your care

Request a second medical opinion – you may wish first to discuss this with your consultant

Refuse a recommended treatment, test or procedure

Advice about care when you leave the hospital

Access your health record, in accordance with the hospital policy

Be aware of the potential costs involved in your hospitalisation

Refuse participation in student teaching activities

Make a comment or complaint about treatment or quality of the health services or care without fear that you will be discriminated against

Your Responsibilities

For the safety and security of its patients, Gordon Private Hospital abides by a Patient Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. This has been put in place for your peace of mind and also to assist the medical staff and other patients in the hospital. It is important that you familiarise yourself with these prior to admission.

You have the responsibility to

Provide, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete information about your medical history, medications, and other matters relating to your health

Be knowledgeable about your private health fund cover and associated restrictions, provide information regarding your ability to pay for services, and ensure that the financial obligations of your care are fulfilled as promptly as possible

let caregivers know about any special requirements, particularly any cultural or religious needs

Observe relevant hospital protocols

Respect the role and dignity of hospital caregivers and their right to a safe and pleasant work environment. Caregivers reserve the right to withdraw care from people who behave aggressively, are violent or abusive

Comply with medical instructions designed to aid your recovery, or discuss with your doctor if you are unhappy or unwilling to do so

Respect the beliefs, ethnic, cultural and religious practices of all hospital caregivers and fellow patients

Advise your doctor or caregivers about any changes in your condition or of any concerns you may have with any aspect of your care or treatment

Be respectful of the property of other persons and of the health care facility

Behave in a lawful manner and contribute to a safe and comfortable environment

To actively engage in the therapy program to assist your recovery


Family and carers have an important role in the wellbeing of their loved ones.

Please contact Reception for visiting hours.

All visitors require approval for access by the patient.

We ask that visitors refrain from visiting their family members, friends and acquaintances during therapy times. Visits at these times can disrupt the patient’s participation in therapy programs.

All visitors are expected to report to reception staff (during the business hours) and nursing staff (after hours) and to sign the Visitors’ Book on arrival and on departure.

It is expected that visitors will maintain full confidentiality and refrain from any contact with other patients. Please try to keep the number of visitors to 2 adults. Children must be supervised at all times.